• About Operating Instructions

About Operating Instructions

Symbols Used in This Document

Operating symbols


maru_alphabet_a sankaku_u_d_l_r

Cursor button up/down/left/right

maru_alphabet_b icon_controldial

Control dial


Other symbols, such as icons shown on the screen of the output destination, are also used in explanations.

This document describes the procedure for selecting menu items as follows:

Example: Set the [Rec Quality] of the [Video] ([Image Format]) menu

[MENU/SET] arrow_menu [menuicon_video] arrow_menu [menuicon_imageformat] arrow_menu Select [Rec Quality]

The images and drawings of this document are an illustration to explain the functions.

This document uses illustrations with an optional battery (AG-VBR59) attached.

Description in these operating instructions is based on the interchangeable lens (H-ES12060).