Projector Database



3-Chip DLP™

27,000 lumens (Center) /26,000 lumens 4K+
PT-RZ31K Series
PT-RZ31K 31,000 lumens(Center) /30,000 lumens WUXGA
PT-RS30K 31,000 lumens(Center) /30,000 lumens SXGA+

DLP™ Based

PT-DZ21K2 Series
PT-DZ21K2 20,000lumens WUXGA
PT-DS20K2 20,000 lumens SXGA
PT-DW17K2 17,000lumens WXGA
PT-DZ16K2 16,000lumens Full HD
PT-DZ21K Series
PT-DZ21K 20,000 lumens WUXGA
PT-DS20K 20,000 lumens SXGA+
PT-DW17K 17,000 lumens WXGA
PT-DZ13K Series
PT-DZ13K 12,000 lumens WUXGA
PT-DS12K 12,000 lumens SXGA+
PT-DW11K 11,000 lumens WXGA
PT-DZ10K 10,600 lumens WUXGA
PT-DZ12000 Series
PT-DZ12000 12,000 lumens WUXGA
PT-D12000 12,000 lumens SXGA+
PT-DW100 10,000 lumens WXGA
PT-D10000 Series
PT-DW10000 10,000 lumens Full HD
PT-D10000 10,000 lumens SXGA+
PT-DZ8700/DZ110X Series
PT-DZ8700 10,600 lumens WUXGA
PT-DS8500 10,600 lumens SXGA+
PT-DW8300 9,600 lumens WXGA
PT-DZ110X 10,600 lumens WUXGA
PT-DS100X 10,600 lumens SXGA+
PT-DW90X 9,600 lumens WXGA

LCD Projector


DLP™ Based

PT-RZ970 Series
PT-RZ970 10,000 lumens (Center) /9,400 lumens WUXGA
PT-RW930 10,000 lumens (Center) /9,400 lumens WXGA
PT-RX110 10,400 lumens (Center) /10,000 lumens XGA
PT-RZ770/RZ660 Series
PT-RZ770 7,200lumens (Center)7,000lumens WUXGA
PT-RW730 7,200lumens (Center)7,000lumens WUXGA
PT-RZ660 6,200lumens (Center)6,000lumens WXGA
PT-RW620 6,200lumens (Center)6,000lumens WXGA
8,800 lumens (Center)/8,500 lumens WUXGA
5,200 lumens (Center)/ 5,000 lumens WUXGA
PT-RZ670 Series
PT-RZ670/L 6,500 lumens WUXGA
PT-RW630/L 6,500 lumens WXGA
PT-RZ470 Series
PT-RZ470 3,500 lumens Full HD
PT-RW430 3,500 lumens WXGA
3,000 lumens Full HD

*Product numbers vary depending on the market.
The product number in North America and Taiwan is PT- RZ475U. The product number in UK, Asia(except Taiwan),Oceania,Middle East,and Africa is PT- RZ475EA.Not available in some region.

PT-RZ370 Series
PT-RZ370 3,500 lumens Full HD
PT-RW330 3,500 lumens WXGA
PT-DZ870 Series
PT-DZ870K/LK PT-DZ870W/LW 8,500 lumens WUXGA
PT-DW830K/LK PT-DW830W/LW 8,500 lumens WXGA
PT-DX100K/LK PT-DX100W/LW 10,000 lumens XGA
PT-DZ780 Series
PT-DZ780 7,000 lumens WUXGA
PT-DW750 7,000 lumens WXGA
PT-DX820 8,200 lumens XGA
PT-DZ770 Series
PT-DZ770K/LK 7,000 lumens WUXGA
PT-DZ770S/LS 7,000 lumens WUXGA
PT-DW740S/LS 7,000 lumens WXGA
PT-DX810S/LS 8,200 lumens XGA
PT-DZ680 Series
PT-DZ680K/DZ680S/DZ680LK/DZ680LS 6,000 lumens WUXGA
PT-DW640K/DW640S/DW640LK/DW640LS 6,000 lumens WXGA
PT-DX610K/DX610S/DX610LK/DX610LS 6,500 lumens XGA
PT-DZ6700 Series
PT-DZ6710 6,000 lumens WUXGA
PT-DZ6700 6,000 lumens WUXGA
PT-DW6300S/K 6,000 lumens WXGA
PT-D6000S/K 6,500 lumens XGA
PT-D5000S 5,000 lumens XGA
PT-DW730/DX800 Series
PT-DW730S/K 7,000 lumens WXGA
PT-DX800S/K 8,000 lumens XGA
PT-DW5100 5,500 lumens WXGA
PT-D5700 6,000 lumens XGA
PT-DZ570 Series
PT-DZ570 4,000 lumens WUXGA
PT-DW530 4,000 lumens WXGA
PT-DX500 4,500 lumens XGA


PT-MZ770 Series
PT-MZ770/L 8,000 lumens WUXGA
PT-MW730/L 8,000 lumens WXGA
PT-MZ670 Series
PT-MZ670/L 6,500 lumens WUXGA
PT-MW630/L 6,500 lumens WXGA
PT-MZ570/L 5,500 lumens WUXGA
PT-MW530/L 5,500 lumens WXGA

LCD Projector

PT-EZ580 Series
PT-EZ580/L 5,400 lumens WUXGA
PT-EW640/L 5,800 lumens WXGA
PT-EW540/L 5,000 lumens WXGA
PT-EX610/L 6,200 lumens XGA
PT-EX510/L 5,300 lumens XGA
PT-EZ570 Series
PT-EZ570/L 5,000 lumens WUXGA
PT-EW630/L 5,500 lumens WXGA
PT-EX600/L 6,000 lumens XGA
PT-EW530/L 4,500 lumens WXGA
PT-EX500/L 5,000 lumens XGA
PT-FW430 Series
PT-FW430 3,500 lumens WXGA
PT-FX400 4,000 lumens XGA
PT-FW300 Series
PT-FW300NT 3,500 lumens WXGA
PT-FW300 3,500 lumens WXGA
PT-F300NT 4,000 lumens XGA
PT-F300 4,000 lumens XGA



PT-VMZ60 Series
PT-VMZ60 6,000 lumens WUXGA
PT-VMZ50 5,000 lumens WUXGA
PT-VMZ40 4,500 lumens WUXGA
PT-VMW60 6,000 lumens WXGA
PT-VMW50 5,000 lumens WXGA

DLP™ Based

PT-LX300 Series
PT-LX300 3,000 lumens XGA
PT-LX270 2,700 lumens XGA

LCD Projector

PT-VZ570 Series
PT-VZ470 4,400 lumens WUXGA
PT-VZ575N/VZ570 4,800 lumens WUXGA
PT-VW535N/VW530 5,000 lumens WXGA
PT-VX605N/VX600 5,500 lumens XGA
PT-VW350 Series
PT-VW355N 4,000 lumens WXGA
PT-VW350 4,000 lumens WXGA
PT-VX425N 4,500 lumens XGA
PT-VX420 4,500 lumens XGA
PT-VW440 Series
PT-VW440 4,800 lumens WXGA
PT-VW431D 4,300 lumens WXGA
PT-VW435N 4,300 lumens WXGA
PT-VW430 4,300 lumens WXGA
PT-VX510 5,500 lumens XGA
PT-VX505N 5,000 lumens XGA
PT-VX500 5,000 lumens XGA

*The availability of the PT-VW440/VW430/VX510/VX500 vary depending on the country.

PT-VW330 Series
PT-VW330 3,000 lumens WXGA
PT-VX400 4,000 lumens XGA
PT-VX400NT 4,000 lumens XGA
PT-VX41 4,000 lumens XGA
PT-VW340 Series
PT-VW345NZ 3,700 lumens WXGA
PT-VW340Z 3,700 lumens WXGA
PT-VX415NZ 4,200 lumens XGA
PT-VX410Z 4,200 lumens XGA
PT-VX42Z 4,000 lumens XGA
PT-LB425 Series
PT-LB425 4,100 lumens XGA
PT-LB385 3,800 lumens XGA
PT-LB355 3,500 lumens XGA
PT-LB305 3,100 lumens XGA
PT-LW375 3,600 lumens WXGA
PT-LW335 3,100 lumens WXGA
PT-LB423 Series
PT-LB423 4,100 lumens XGA
PT-LB383 3,800 lumens XGA
PT-LB353 3,300 lumens XGA
PT-LW373 3,600 lumens WXGA
PT-LW333 3,100 lumens WXGA
PT-LB303 3,100 lumens XGA
PT-LB412 Series
PT-LB412 4,100 lumens XGA
PT-LB382 3,800 lumens XGA
PT-LB332 3,300 lumens XGA
PT-LW362 3,600 lumens WXGA
PT-LW312 3,100 lumens WXGA
PT-LB360 Series
PT-LW330 3,300 lumens WXGA
PT-LW280 2,800 lumens WXGA
PT-LB360 3,700 lumens XGA
PT-LB330 3,300 lumens XGA
PT-LB300 3,100 lumens XGA
PT-LB280 2,800 lumens XGA
PT-LB3 Series
PT-LB3 3,200 lumens XGA
PT-LB2V 2,600 lumens XGA
PT-LB1V 2,200 lumens XGA
PT-SX320A Series
PT-SX320A XGA 3,200 lumens
PT-SX300A 3,000 lumens XGA
PT-SW280A 2,800 lumens WXGA
PT-LW25H Series
PT-LW25H 2,500 lumens WXGA
PT-LX30H 3,000 lumens XGA
PT-LX26H 2,600 lumens XGA
PT-LX26 2,600 lumens XGA
PT-LX22 2,200 lumens XGA
PT-LB90 Series
PT-LB90NT 3,500 lumens XGA
PT-LB90 3,500 lumens XGA
PT-LB2 2,600 lumens XGA
PT-LB1 2,200 lumens XGA
PT-LB80 Series
PT-LB80NT 3,200 lumens XGA
PT-LB80 3,200 lumens XGA
PT-LB78 3,000 lumens XGA
PT-LB75NT 2,600 lumens XGA
PT-LB75 2,600 lumens XGA
PT-LW80NT 2,600 lumens WXGA
PT-LB78V 3,000 lumens XGA
PT-LB75V 2,600 lumens XGA
PT-LB51 Series
PT-LB51NT 2,000 lumens XGA
PT-LB51 2,000 lumens XGA
PT-LB51S 2,000 lumens SVGA

Short Throw

DLP™ Based

PT-TW371R Series
PT-TW371R 3,300 lumens WXGA
PT-TW370 3,300 lumens WXGA
PT-TX430 3,800 lumens XGA
PT-TX340 3,200 lumens XGA
PT-TW351R Series
PT-TW351R 3,300 lumens WXGA
PT-TW350 3,300 lumens WXGA
PT-TX410 3,800 lumens XGA
PT-TX320 3,200 lumens XGA
PT-TW343R Series
PT-TW343R 3,300 lumens WXGA
PT-TW342 3,300 lumens WXGA
PT-TX402 3,800 lumens XGA
PT-TX312 3,200 lumens XGA
PT-TW340 Series
PT-TW341R 3,200 lumens WXGA
PT-TW340 3,200 lumens WXGA
PT-TW250 2,800 lumens WXGA
PT-TX400 3,500 lumens XGA
PT-TX310 3,200 lumens XGA
PT-TX210 2,800 lumens XGA

Ultra Short Throw

DLP™ Based

PT-CW230 Series
PT-CW230 2,500 lumens WXGA
PT-CX200 2,000 lumens XGA

Home Cinema

LCD Projector

PT-AE8000 2,400 lumens Full HD
PT-AT6000 2,400 lumens Full HD
PT-AR100 2,800 lumens Full HD
PT-AH1000 2,800 lumens Full HD
PT-AE7000 2,000 lumens Full HD
PT-AT5000 2,000 lumens Full HD

Space Player

1-Chip DLP™

PT-JW130 Series
PT-JW130F 1,000 lumens WXGA comparable
PT-JW130G PT-JW130H 1,000 lumens WXGA comparable
PT-JX200 Series
PT-JX200F PT-JX200G PT-JX200H 2,000 lumens XGA