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How to activate purchased function of LUMIX

This website creates activation code to enable functions you purchased.
Please prepare camera to be activated, "Upgrade Software Key" you purchased, SD card and PC connected to the internet with SD slot.

Please take follwing steps to activate the functions.
A. Operate camera to save serial code of camera as a file into SD card and upload it to this website.
B. Input "Key Code" in "Upgrade Software Key" to this website to get activation code.
C. Save the activation code created by this website into SD card.
D. Operate camera to import activation code from the SD card to complete activating.

Please choose the purchased product.

V-LogL Gamma upgrade software key (for DC-GH5/DMC-GH4/AG-GH4U/DMC-FZH1/DMC-FZ2000/DMC-FZ2500)
*(DMC-GH4/AG-GH4):Please make sure that Body Firmware version must be '2.4' or later. (How to check it)